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Classes & Pricing

If you prefer to exercise in a group environment, our Mat & TRX classes are for you!


If you would like to utilise the fabulous Pilates equipment then joining either a Semi-private or Private session could be the answer!


Group Sessions (Mat & TRX)

$15 - 45 min (max 6 per class)


Treat yourself to a full body workout and build muscle, increase flexibility and focus on breathing patterns in our Group Mat and Group TRX sessions. There will never be more than 6 per session so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality instruction and guidance.


Learn the principles of alignment, pelvic control, spinal mobility and core strength in on of our mat based sessions. Using small Pilates equipment such as the magic circle, fit ball, chi-ball, pilates pole, theraband, foam roller and small weights, these classes focus on correct technique and the layering of repertoire to gradually build strength,  increase flexibility, promote healthy muscle and joint function and quite simply, make you feel great.



TRX Suspension training  method increases muscular endurance, improves balance, delivers a total body workout. Delivered with  Pilates focus, this unique piece of equipment is suitable for everyone.


Equipment Sessions (Reformer, Tower, TRX, Mat)


Semi-private session (3 per session)

$30 - 60 min (max 3 per session)


Use the Reformer, Tower and TRX in our semi-private/small group sessions. These fully supervised sessions are perfect if you've had at least three private equipment based sessions before and are ready to work in a small group environment.


Private session (one-on-one)

$50 - 60 min (one-on-one)


Perfect for the absolute beginner as an introduction to equipment based Pilates, or for the advanced Pilates practitioner! Work in a one-on-one situation to improve your technique, build strength, increase flexibility or rehabilitate an injury.


The Tower system challenges your body in a different way to the traditional Reformer and provides a great variation to your workout. Challenge your strength with different spring settings and see your body change!


The Pilates Reformer is the most popular and most recognisable piece of Pilates Equipment. The Reformer is perfect for building strength and core stability by challenging your body to support itself through the wide range of Pilates repertoire and assists in injury prevention and rehabilitation, creates postural awareness and aids correction of the all-too-common desktop posture.