Have you ever thought about organising an online Flair Pilates membership for your staff? Small perks can make a huge difference to morale and staff well-being which can then result in better productivity for your business.

There are a range of pricing options suitable for all business sizes, choose one that suits your needs and get started straight away.

Full Online memberships provide:

  • 5 day free trial per person

  • Unlimited monthly access to the entire Flair Pilates Online Platform

  • Recurring monthly payments with no lock-in contracts, cancel at any time with a simple email

  • The option to organise a private weekly group LIVE online class specifically for your employees

How do I organise this for my business?

  • Purchase the relevant plan for your business

  • Provide us with a list of names and email addresses for your employees

  • Each employee will be signed up and sent an email which allows them to create a password and account for instant access to the Online Platform

  • That's it!

LIVE memberships provide:

  • A dedicated, private Zoom LIVE weekly class for your employees

  • Please contact us for specific pricing


Full Online Membership Benefits:

Corporate Plan - Basic (up to 5 employees)

  • $85 per month

  • Equivalent of saving up to $40

  • Suited to small businesses or small teams

  • Up to 5 memberships

Corporate Plan - Bronze (up to 10 employees)

  • $200 per month

  • Equivalent of saving up to $50

  • Suited to medium sized businesses or teams

  • Up to 10 memberships

Corporate Plan - Silver (up to 15 employees)

  • $320 per month

  • Equivalent of saving up to $55

  • Suited to larger teams or departments

  • Up to 15 memberships

Corporate Plan - Enterprise 

  • Please contact us for a tailored pricing plan to suit your needs