You've got the questions... here are the answers. If you need more help email us.

Can anyone join?

Yes! Pilates is for everyone however it is important you work at your own pace and manage restrictions. If you have a serious injury/restriction you should seek medical advice before proceeding. If you are pregnant, there are definitely some exercises you should avoid.

Do I need anything?

All you need is a device with an internet connection, a mat or towel, comfortable clothes and some water. Some classes use specific Pilates equipment but why not just get creative and use whatever you have lying around the house!

(Hot tip:  water bottles, cans of beans, cushions and towels work really well!)

I'm not flexible, does that matter?

Absolutely not! You have to start somewhere and you will learn how to safely stretch and gradually increase your flexibility.

How do I cancel or change my membership?

Please email us to change or cancel any membership you do not wish to use anymore.

I'm injured, what should I do?

If you are injured then you should seek advice from a medical practitioner before any type of exercise. 

How do you use the information I provide?

Please read our Terms and Conditions of use and our Privacy Policy to see how your information is managed.