Welcome to the online catalogue of fitness classes where in the menu above you can choose from Pilates, Dynamic Fitness, Stretch & Flex, Short Stuff + much more, either LIVE or ON DEMAND.


Each playlist contains a different collection of classes, and as we pride ourselves on being uncomplicated and zero fuss - we have not spent hours upon hours editing footage to get the 'perfect' take! Most of what you will find below are recordings of LIVE classes which have been slightly edited for convenience, not perfection. We hope you enjoy the energy of a LIVE class, even when it's not!

Browse at your leisure and choose a different class every day, with new classes added weekly! New to Pilates? Watch the Pilates 101 video below to learn the basics and start with the Beginner classes.


Like the energy of a real LIVE class? Click here to view upcoming live sessions (these change weekly so keep checking back!)