Private Mobile Pilates

***Please note this service is currently suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. Please join our Live Classes instead!***

Private (one-on-one) | 60 minutes

Perfect for the absolute beginner as an introduction to Pilates, or for the advanced Pilates practitioner! Work in a one-on-one situation to improve your technique, build strength, increase flexibility or rehabilitate an injury.

Want to give yourself a full body workout to build muscle, increase flexibility and focus on breathing patterns? Mat Pilates is a low-impact, strength building regime in a group environment which allows you to work at your own pace to achieve maximum results. Utilising small Pilates equipment such as chi balls, a range of therabands, magic circles, duradiscs and massage balls you will learn to target your deep stabilisers, improve your posture and achieve functional movement patterns. These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities but if you are pregnant or injured please notify your instructor.