Register for your workplace course

Follow these instructions if you have already set up your workplace course and are ready to complete your registration.

If you would like to organise Workplace Pilates click here.

Registration and Payment

All registrations and payments are processed through Mind Body Online scheduling software. This can be done using your computer or by downloading the app. 


Website Registration

If you prefer to use you computer, click on the Timetable & Pricing tab above.

If you have attended a Flair Pilates course previously use this option to avoid creating a duplicate account:

  1. In the 'Log In' section click 'Need new password'

  2. Enter your email address (the one you receive appointment reminders to) and follow the link in your email to create a password

  3. Click the 'Classes' tab, find the start date for the class at your workplace and click 'Sign Up Now'

  4. In the 'Recurring Options' tab make sure the 'Start Date' is correct and change the 'End date' to the date of the last class in the course. 

    NB. Sometimes I am able to offer casual attendance, if you are signing up for a casual class please select the correct payment method and only register for  a single session.

  5. Make sure the 'Total Reservations' says 6 and then click 'Make recurring reservation' or 'Register as Unpaid' if your workplace is working via Expressions of Interest. (The EOI option is not available to all workplaces)

  6. Click 'OK' to make a purchase, choose 'Mobile Pilates - 6 week block' and follow the prompts to make payment


If you are a new client:

  1. Enter your email address into the 'Create New Account' section and fill in your details. Then follow above steps  3-7 to complete your registration and payment

Mind Body App Registration

If you prefer to use your smartphone you can download the Mind Body App, and search for Flair Pilates. Please note that this option does not support recurring bookings (see below).

  1. Download the Mind Body App, and search for Flair Pilates

  2. Click 'Schedule'  and find the correct session for your workplace.

  3. Click 'Book' and select 'Mobile Pilates - 6 week block' and follow the prompts to make your payment. 

  4. As the app does not support recurring bookings you will then need to go through each of the 6 classes and make sure you are registered for each class.