Group Mat Pilates
Private Equipment Pilates Sessions

Group Mat Pilates - 45 min

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Want to give yourself a full body workout to build muscle, increase flexibility and focus on breathing patterns? Mat Pilates is a low-impact, strength building regime in a group environment which allows you to work at your own pace to achieve maximum results.

Learn the principles of alignment, pelvic control, spinal mobility and core strength in on of our mat based sessions. Using small Pilates equipment such as the magic circle, fit ball, chi-ball, pilates pole, theraband, foam roller and small weights, these classes focus on correct technique and the layering of repertoire to gradually build strength,  increase flexibility, promote healthy muscle and joint function and quite simply, make you feel great.

Attendance is capped so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality instruction and guidance.

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Private (one-on-one) OR Semi-private (bring a friend and share the cost!)

60 minutes


$60 (1-on-1)

$30 each (bring a friend)

Perfect for the absolute beginner as an introduction to equipment based Pilates, or for the advanced Pilates practitioner! Work in a one-on-one situation to improve your technique, build strength, increase flexibility or rehabilitate an injury.

The Pilates Reformer is the most popular and most recognisable piece of Pilates Equipment. The Reformer is perfect for building strength and core stability by challenging your body to support itself through the wide range of Pilates repertoire and assists in injury prevention and rehabilitation, creates postural awareness and aids correction of the all-too-common desktop posture.


The Wunda Chair is a very versatile piece of equipment providing a wide range of seated and standing exercises making it perfect for pregnant and elderly clients as well as everyday people. It is incredibly sturdy and and the resistance levels are controlled by weighted spring settings making it suitable for the beginner right through to the advanced client.

These sessions will also focus on mat-based and small equipment repertoire, making it a truly dynamic class perfect for all shapes, sizes and abilities.


Pilates for Pregnancy

Private (one-on-one)


$60 - 60 min 

Stay strong during your pregnancy with these gentle sessions designed to increase pelvic stability, pelvic floor control and general strength and fitness whilst looking after you and your baby's well-being! 


You can rest assured knowing you will receive the best possible supervision throughout your session - allowing you to grow your confidence as well as your baby!