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...uncomplicated fitness for uncomplicated people.

This is fitness for every day people. Fitness without the fluff. Without pretension and judgement. This is fitness simply for the joy of movement.... we hope you enjoy it.

Free LIVE and ON-DEMAND virtual classes for people who want exercise to be convenient and low fuss!

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WORKPLACE PILATES - Flair Pilates & Fitness is based in Brisbane, Australia and also offers a Workplace Pilates service. For more info, click here.




Flair Pilates was created by Jenny Usher and began as a provider of Pilates to workplaces, aimed at getting employees up and away from their desks during their work day. The pandemic forged a pathway into the virtual world and you can now access a variety of LIVE and ON DEMAND classes. The YouTube platform is completely free allowing us to create a loving and supportive community of individuals who want access to good quality online exercise videos.

We want to keep it simple. Movement is for everyone and it should be convenient. We shouldn't get caught up in the details or worry that we're not perfect. We should be accommodating of all body types and abilities. We should tell bad jokes and we should be slightly crazy, because all the best people are.

We hope you enjoy our approach to movement and we hope that it changes your perspective on what health looks and feels like.

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Jenny teaches a range of classes including Pilates, Stretch & Flex, Flair Flow and will soon be offering dance based cardio (drawing on her love of dance throughout her professional dance career.)

Pilates can help with mobility, flexibility, strength and control but most of all it can be fun and dynamic! She definitely does not take herself too seriously and just wants to guide you through a gorgeous Pilates fusion sequence incorporating strength, flexibility and mobility exercises. These classes are different every time and utilise any combination of equipment such as hand weights, fit balls, resistance bands and pilates circles.... or get creative and use whatever you have lying around the house!

Stretching is a vital aspect of conditioning and is a great tool for general well-being for your body. Her Stretch classes will make you feel warm and fuzzy while increasing your mobility and range slowly but surely!


Jenny is first and foremost a professional dancer and singer, and to keep herself strong and fit she is also a passionate Pilates instructor. She holds her BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training and is qualified to instruct on the reformer, cadillac/trapeze table, step barrel, ladder barrel, wunda chair, avalon system, tower, mat and many other smaller Pilates equipment (including the TRX.)  She has also worked alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths and is experienced in teaching DMA Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation. 

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